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Founded in 2004, 4 Seasons Home Inspection has built a reputation for providing trustworthy home inspections in Burlington and surrounding areas of Vermont. If you are considering an investment in a home, count on us to provide you with all of the important details about the home’s structural condition, including fire, wiring, plumbing, electrical, and safety inspections. It is crucial that anyone who is purchasing a home has an inspection performed in order to gather information about the home’s value and safety before making a final decision.

We offer home inspections, radon testing and water analysis of your home and the property surrounding it in order to give you an accurate depiction of the home’s value.

For professional home inspections that you can rely on, call 4 Seasons Home Inspection at 802-343-2400.

4 Seasons Home Inspections

When you call, 4 Seasons Home Inspection, you’ll speak directly with our owner who will promptly answer any questions you have about home inspections during the initial call. Our owner will assist you throughout the process of inspecting your home to ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service.


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